We constantly seek outstanding quality and are committed to ensuring an excellent service and respecting the environment: Tosi Serramenti has made these values its company philosophy.

We have been manufacturing Italian-made PVC and composite material doors and windows for over twenty years in Arco, in the province of Trento, providing the right blend of style, sophistication and energy conservation. Our company, which is ISO 9001 certified, has grown over the years with the aim of offering the best products all over Italy.

Our goal is to satisfy the client: quality and service go hand in hand to achieve this. In addition to the continuous attention to technological innovation, which has resulted in us using a revolutionary composite material originating from the best aerospace technology, we pay a lot of attention to service and to the installation of the product. For this we have highly specialised installation technicians who are continually trained to make sure that efficiency, speed and cleanliness are ensured during the door and window assembly stage.

We also invest a lot to train our retailers, so that they are able successfully to meet the needs of the clients. Tosi Serramenti dedicates many resources to quality control, in both the production and after-sales phases, to ensure supply of products that live up to the most discerning expectations.