Choosing PVC doors and windows means helping to save the green forests. Polyvinyl chloride, also known by the abbreviation PVC, is the polymer of vinyl chloride and is 57% salt.

It is a thermoplastic material of mainly natural origin, which requires fewer raw materials and is 97% recyclable. The PVC used for the doors and windows is “hard” PVC, as it is free of plasticisers.

It is particularly suitable thanks to its specific characteristics: it is acid-resistant, safe from attack by microorganisms in mould and self-extinguishing; it is very solid and provides excellent thermal insulation. The high insulating power saves a significant amount of energy, cutting CO2 emissions as a result.

All LCAs (Life Cycle Analyses) performed show that PVC is the material which requires the lowest consumption of energy and non-renewable sources, and is one of the least polluting materials, better than many so-called “conventional” alternatives.

PVC is therefore referred to as “nature’s friend”.